Creative Director

Brand Creative Director. Bold visionary. Natural leader. Creative force. You’ll steer incredible work through the studio and bring cutting edge design to life.

Creative Visionary - Be the mind behind global design projects working with a variety of clients. Conceptualise the vision. Lead the team. Push the boundaries.

Proven Leadership - Confident collaboration. Thoughtful guidance. You’re able to lead multi-disciplinary teams with enthusiasm at all stages of the creative process.

Transformation Expertise - Design and build a new brand vision. You’ll guide clients through a design evolution. You’ll keep the process smooth and efficient for everyone involved.

Ace Storyteller - Strong presenter. Solid writer. Superb communicator. You’re able to construct a persuasive argument with logic and imagination.

Collaborative Powerhouse - Lead teams of talented multi-disciplinary creatives. Inspire everyone to bring their best. Coach them to get even better.

Ability to flex - Across industries. Across clients. Across the world. You’ll confidently create an exciting vision in any context.


This is a full time role based in Farringdon, London.
The scheduled working hours: 9:30am to 6pm.
We currently offer a hybrid working style (Tuesday - Thursday in the studio).
You will report to the Executive Creative Director and manage 2-3 Design Directors.

Please send all applications by 23rd Feburary 2024.

Key Qualities

Key Skills and Requirements