Clarifying the tech company defining the future of work

Clarified the portfolio with a new brand architecture and strategy based on time and space
Remaned Corel to Alludo to bring to life the brand’s mission to empower ‘All you do’
Designed the visual identity to depict myriad working patterns


Global tech company, Corel, is on a mission to help people work and live better. With a 35 year history, they have more than 2.5 million customer relationships in more than 130 countries and are behind award-winning product brands including Parallels, CorelDRAW, MindManager and WinZip.

Through their products they conceive work, not as a place where you are tethered to arcane metrics or expectations, but as a place where your work and its outcomes are decoupled from time and space.


Having acquired a number of its brands, Corel’s architecture was disparate and confusing and it was doing little to communicate its exciting vision of the future of work.

They needed a brand that would unify their portfolio of products under a new architecture, name, story and brand identity that was emblematic of what it means to work, create, ideate and share information anywhere, any time, on any device.

Brand Strategy

Against a competitive set that focused entirely on either productivity or creativity, we wanted to emphasise the brand’s unique role in uniting the two. We positioned the brand around the idea of giving space to work and time for ideas and clarified the portfolio architecture around 4 key pillars based on how people use the tools.

The brand name, Alludo, is built from the component sounds of the company’s purpose: to empower ‘All you do’.

Brand Expression

The idea of time and space is brought to life through the white spaces of the new brand identity. This contrasts with rich and surreal collages in our art direction which depicts Alludo users at the centre of the brand. The forms and curves of the logo are built to represent the idea of stretching space and bending time – stretching towards boundaries and seeking to break and challenge them at every opportunity. The wordmark is tailored to match, with curving inktraps that echo the symbol.

We built a strong colour story based on the time of the day, mirroring working patterns: morning person, day getter, night owl. Additionally, we represent the different times of day in which we like to work alone, and those times when we want to collaborate with others with two different types of work mode shape: focus and collaborative. They start at a base level, where a single focus mode shape represents any individual working by themselves. They duplicate and form evolved silhouettes as more people are pictured collaborating.


The new Alludo brand launched at the end of 2022 with a feature on the Nasdaq billboard in Times Square. It received 5 Muse awards and 4 NYX Awards for the rebranding campaign.

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