Helping the food industry find its flow

A brand built to help Choco optimise the world’s food supply systems
A visual identity designed to feel like it never stops
Increased Choco’s community to over 15,000 chefs and 10,000 suppliers


Choco’s mission is to lead the world’s transition towards sustainable food systems, re-thinking how we as a global society produce, distribute, and consume food.

Knowing sustainable change comes from a focused approach to problem solving, Choco started by tackling everyday processes. By partnering with chefs and suppliers, they reduce food waste in the catering and hospitality industry by helping them streamline the order process and communicate more easily, quickly and with less screw ups.

They needed a brand that would speak to a community of chefs, communicating the benefit and enabling Choco to continue growing globally at scale.


The DS team met their match in Choco — full of energy, memes, and determined spirit – we hosted a series of inspiring workshops and energetic conversations with investors, suppliers, and chefs.

We spent time getting to know dozens of Chocorians based all over the world, each with their own contagious spirit and commitment to the bigger mission, prepared to give it 150% to make it a success. Their entrepreneurial drive matched their no-bullshit, straight-talking attitude, and we knew this had to come through in the brand.

Brand Expression

Our brand is inspired by the simplicity of what Choco does – optimising everyday processes so systems can flow. Seamlessly, smoothly, no hiccups. The system is designed to feel like it never stops and is built from a toolkit where every element has been optimised, to evoke a sense of flow and ease.

The chunky, attitudinal headline typeface works in over 60 languages, with a backwards slant so it feels like it’s constantly in motion. We paired this with a tone of voice that tells it like it is. Straight-talking and a little bit fiery, just like the Choco restaurants and suppliers we interviewed, or a chef in the middle of a 10-hour shift.

We created illustrated sequences inspired by the world of chefs and suppliers, that are choreographed to satisfyingly loop and repeat. Our photography is never posed or static — subjects are always mid-flow, right in the middle of mis en place or a busy dinner service.

We reimagined the Choco experience across targeted advertising, delivery vans, their own beer, a custom Chocorian cycling kit, and app. As their primary touch point, we designed the app to be super simple and easy to use. It’s a big selling point for chefs and suppliers who’d usually be scribbling orders on the back of napkins or making last minute, stressed out phone calls at 2am.


Choco’s new clear messaging and confident visual language have brought more users on board, leading to less errors and food waste across the globe — and getting Choco one step closer to their vision. They now work with more than 15,000 chefs and 10,000 suppliers, receiving more than 500,000 orders per month.

“We spent months speaking to users on the buyer and supplier side and used their feedback to develop a visual identity that resonates with their diverse, spicy characters and styles of work, while showing the dedication, individuality and energy of our team internally. DS helped us pull together this vast array of values, traits, and user types into a coherent visual identity that reflects the character of our industry, as well as our wider mission.”

Daniel Khachab
Co-Founder & CEO, Choco

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