Bringing the discovery and magic of in-person shopping online

Created a clear and authentic brand to build trust and change perceptions
The brand idea, ‘Shopping Odyssey’ brought the spirit of discovery of physical shopping, online
Built an extensive design system that stood out and worked across the entire distribution chain


Daraz is a digital marketplace part-owned by the Alibaba Group, that is founded and based in Pakistan. From food, to clothing, to technology, to cars, it’s truly a one-stop shop.


The region is still a developing market for online shopping, with e-commerce penetration sitting around only 20%. Going to the store or market in person remains the norm and is an integral part of the fabric of Pakistan’s society.

Another key challenge Daraz faced was trust and authenticity. Previously, the brand was perceived as selling products that were not high quality. Daraz tasked us with creating a fresh identity that would shake off these connotations and convert more shoppers from in-person, to online.

Brand Strategy

During our immersion, we spoke to the team and consumers to understand the experience, frustrations and challenges. These insights fed into our brand idea: 'Shopping odyssey'. It speaks to how the act of shopping on Daraz is non-direct and unexpected: you may log in looking for a shirt, but then you find a seller that sells beautiful homewares, and then stumble upon some great stereo equipment. In this way, Daraz replicates the sense of discovery consumers get from in-person shopping experiences, and translates this online.

Brand Expression

The brand is designed to look and feel clear and confident, as a way of re-establishing trust with consumers. The logo is a d and a box, building on historical equity and symbolising all the possibilities within. We retained and refined the brand orange, a known and loved asset, and built a vibrant and contemporary palette around it. A custom typeface helped further drive distinction and ownership. The patterns in the brand reflect the connection and overlap of buyers and sellers, and the space between which Daraz creates.

The visual system is simple and clean, yet bold, standing out in very dense landscapes and working for applications across the end-to-end experience, from storage, shipment, retail and delivery. The rebrand has been rolled out through their entire digital experience, distribution and logistics business and extended into their content and broadcast business. To ensure the new brand was adopted and embedded throughout the business, we also ran training sessions for Daraz’s teams across the region.

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