Building a sports media platform to adapt to the rhythm of every fan

Built a brand around hyping the rhythm of every fan to differentiate and stay ahead of the competition
Created a hype generator that understands the mood, sets the tone and generates a buzz before, during and after the game
OneFootball now has more than 100 million monthly active users


OneFootball is the world’s leading football media platform for fans around the world: news, stats, live scores, streaming and content from the best creators. The brand has seen massive growth and wanted to better understand their audience to stay ahead of the competitors.

With an icon taken from the Munich 1972 Olympics and visually similar to Whatsapp, the logo wasn’t distinctive. The brand needed a strategic story that was brought to life with a new look and feel.


We partnered with research specialists Crowd DNA to learn about OneFootball’s customer base, understand their daily rituals, emotional insights and the content they wanted to see – from transfer rumours, live scores, pre-game hype, and post-game celebration. Coupled with our own immersion we learned what made OneFootball unique, exciting and revolutionary.

Brand strategy

OneFootball needed a brand that would adapt to the rhythm of every fan. A ‘vibesmith’ that would understand the mood, set the tone and generate buzz before, during and after the game. Our strategy of ‘Hype The Game’ brought this to life with impact and vibrancy.

Brand expression

We gave the symbol its mojo back with a simpler design to represent the number ‘1’ and to demonstrate a person kicking a football.

We combined this with our ‘Hype generator’. Developed in collaboration with Artificial Rome, it’s the ultimate design tool for generating exciting visuals no human could re-create. It has three states: Fracture, Neutral and Flux; ranging from jerky tense movements to smooth flowing motions, affecting everything from the logo, type and graphic patterns.


With a guiding strategy and an exciting visual toolkit to lead all future experiences, OneFootball now has more than 100 million monthly active users. In 2022, OneFootball raised €300 million in Series D funding.

Working with the DesignStudio team has been fantastic. From day one, they fully immersed themselves in the OneFootball world. They became part of us and took an insider’s view on all aspects of our company to perfectly understand where we come from and where we want to go. The collaboration took the meaning of teamwork to a whole new level. It was an extremely enriching experience for everyone involved and I believe the final outcome speaks for itself.

Lisa Währer
Brand Marketing Lead, OneFootball

We assessed our brand from all angles, from visual to verbal. The new brand is bold, loud and truly represents our mindset. A whole new vibe for us and our users that takes us to the next level without disregarding our roots. I particularly love the hype generator, which allows us to easily create and customize design assets that bring our brand to life and help fuel even more passion for years to come.

Ulf Germann
Creative Director, OneFootball

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