More than a shop for medication

Helped them find an inspiring reason to exist
Defined their unique way of doing things
Created an iconic brand identity


How do you build the strongest, most trusted Pharmacy brand
in Europe?

Born 20 years ago under the current name Shop Apotheke and with the ambition to digitise health, Redcare had its roots in stationary pharmacies in Germany and Belgium. We found that common values apply across all their employees. The experience of Care was a key reason many employees chose to work at Redcare. So, we defined the core spirit by putting Care at the heart of everything
they do.

Caring about their customers and the world we live in, so they can enable everyone to live their healthiest lives.

Brand Strategy

The outcome was a clear Vision, Role and a set of tangible Actions. Born directly from the Redcare culture, for all teams and locations to inform their unique way of doing things. They work as a promise to each other and their customers, and a tool to guide their day-to-day.

Brand Expression

The brand expression comes to life through Redcare’s five design principles, Welcoming, Inclusive, Functional, Forward-Thinking and Relevant. Rooted in their actions, they tell both a functional and emotive story and allow the brand to flex.

Redcare guides you through your health. This summarises what Redcare believes in and why they exist. It provides the foundation to how they communicate both verbally and visually as a brand.

Employee Brand

With the belief that they need intrinsically motivated people to ensure their long-term success as a company, Redcare came to us to help define an employer brand for current and future employees to rally behind.

We built an employer of choice brand that is tangible, authentic and sustainable. We had to articulate and activate the inner spirit and experience of the employees. Growing up from a familiar "family atmosphere" to a structured, large-scale workforce.

"The new brand strategy helped us shape who we are as an employer, giving people a purpose to work with us. It inspired how we see leadership and people’s development at Redcare. All this was based on the excellent collaboration with DesignStudio that brought branding to the next level."

Lena Schmitz
Brand Director, Redcare

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Joe Hewitt

Emily Jones

Chrys Naselos

Steph Wright

Emily Ryder

Steven Thorne

Charlie Keeper

Bianca Kehoe


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