DP World

Reimagining the future of trade

Defined a unifying strategic brand purpose
Built a clear and intuitive brand architecture
Created a bold visual identity respectful of its heritage


DP World’s ambition is to seamlessly connect all the dots across the global supply chain, using the latest innovation and technology to accelerate the movement of goods around the world simply and efficiently. They needed our help creating a global brand that would capture the scale of their ambition and reflect a simplified offer. To be more engaging and inspiring to their audiences, and for everyone to see the full potential of future partnerships.


We helped DP World redefine their brand architecture to reflect the breadth of their services in the most direct way. Bringing together many different businesses and brands into one consolidated offer. This integrated approach was key to articulate a new strategic brand purpose – with a focus on the impact DP World has on people, places and society: ‘we make trade flow, and change what’s possible for everyone’.

From this strategic platform, we created a holistic design system around the idea of flow, embedding a sense of movement across the entire brand. Our symbol captures the essence of this idea, and we use vibrant colours and abstract 3D worlds inspired by each service tactically to help anyone navigate the brand.

We created all the tools DP World would need for a global launch. Including confident type, colour gradients, a fluid icon and illustration style, art direction, tone of voice, motion and sound design.

We also translated the brand into an extensive digital design system, as well as across environments, livery and experiences – creating a seamless flow between physical and digital spaces.

“I wanted to revolutionise our brand’s journey, transforming us from a hidden player in what can be seen as a cold industry to a vibrant and relatable presence in the public eye. This work gave life and voice to our brand, humanising what we do and why we do it, with a clarity and warmth that resonates universally. The refresh didn’t just define our brand visually; it made our purpose accessible and meaningful to everyone.”

Irum Sultana
Group Vice President - Brand & Content


This process is transforming the business from the inside out. Bringing everyone together with a clear message. The brand is being rolled out globally across all sites: 6 continents, 40 countries, 80 ports as well as hundreds of vessels, vehicles, and machinery. A crucial moment to fulfil a momentous ambition, and change what’s possible for everyone.

Special thanks


Daniel Van Otterdijk

Irum Sultana

Mike Vertigans


Julien Queyrane

Joe Hewitt

Alison Haigh

Rūta Paškevičiūtė

Magali Johnson

Anna Victor

Peggy Nyamekye

Jonathan Reed



Nadine Chahine