Placing community at the centre of money transfer

Developed a fresh visual identity centred around global citizens.
Introduced the brand idea 'In Your Corner' harnessing Sendwave's commitment to supporting its communities.
Built an extensive design system full of personality and charm.


Founded in 2014, Sendwave is a digital platform offering money transfers from countries in North America and Europe to those in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Primarily used by migrants, they aim to make sending money as easy as sending a text message.

To better position the brand for its next stage of growth, they enlisted DesignStudio to help create a fresh visual identity.


A series of immersion workshops with the communities that Sendwave serves, provided real insight into what their users required. Checking in with them throughout our journey, their feedback helped us create a brand that is always community centred.

Brand Strategy

Honest, dependable and always at your side, Sendwave takes great pride in the support they offer their communities. We leveraged this fact to create our brand idea, ‘In Your Corner’ a concept that seemed to perfectly encompass everything that makes them special as a business.

Brand Expression

At the centre of the system, a striking new wordmark evokes the boldness and purpose of the brand, adding a real sense of balance and authority. A new symbol meanwhile, with its symmetrical wave shapes combining to create a globe, elegantly references Sendwave’s ability to link communities across the world.

‘Sendwaves’ provide our main graphic device. Uplifting and active, they’re designed to match the energy the user brings to the sending process.

‘Sendwavy’ , our custom typeface, was built in collaboration with Florian Karsten Type Foundry. Overflowing with personality and charm, the characters’ distinctive ‘wavy’ curves tie them into the wider visual language of the brand. The typeface features custom glyphs that can change the direction of the wave to create playful typographic layouts.

Fitting for a brand that people trust and rely on, we crafted a tone of voice that feels warm and relatable, but also confident and purposeful. This is perhaps best summed up in a new tagline, ‘For here. For there. For home.’

"When I saw what DesignStudio created, I was really blown away. It truly represents us and is so different from what others are doing. We've developed a brand that deeply resonates with our community, intricately integrated into every aspect of the identity."

Rose Charlène Renaud,
Creative Director at Sendwave

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Elise Santangelo-Rous

Vinay Mistry

Lorenzo Di Cola

Bianca Kehoe

Joni Kirton

Emilia Gribbin

Maddy Patterson

Julian Poidevin

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Sofia Meshcheryakova

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