World Rugby

Powering a new tournament for women’s rugby

Created the brand for a new women’s tournament aimed to improve the quality of the game
Built on the success of our Women in Rugby ‘Team Powered’ campaign idea to become the strategic foundation
Designed the visual identity to represent the connected energy that drives the sport and fans


Following the success of the Women in Rugby ‘Team Powered’ campaign, World Rugby returned to us with a new challenge: to create a brand for a new kind of tournament within women’s rugby.

WXV is a new global women’s 15-a-side tournament set to revolutionise the international rugby landscape. The three-tiered annual competition is paving the way for all unions to springboard into a higher competitive space than ever before, giving women’s rugby the platform and exposure it deserves.

Brand strategy

Given its global recognition and success, we leveraged the ‘Team Powered’ campaign idea to become the strategic core of WXV. The objective of the work was to grow the game through making it a family affair; one focused on pure entertainment with a globally understood narrative that’s fun and celebratory.

Brand identity

The brand identity brings ‘Team Powered’ to life through a compelling expression of connected energy that flows through the entire system: the energy that drives the sport and brings people and fans along for the journey. The logo is built with a ball between W and XV, demonstrating dynamism that characterises the game. The colour palette is lively and vibrant, elevating the ‘Women in Rugby’ palette for this new audience.

Brand expression

Introducing motion principles also brought the entire system to life. Leveraging the illustration style by Xoana Herrera from ‘Team Powered’ solidified this connection with the original campaign, and our photography style brings fans deeper into the story. We also codified tone of voice principles, to ensure the verbal identity was structured yet flexible for diverse audiences. Our low and high frequency scale celebrated different moments in different ways, to ensure the system was easy to use.


Launched in October 2023, WXV has begun to revolutionise the women’s international rugby landscape, providing for the first time a meaningful pathway for all unions and a competitive springboard towards an expanded 16-team Rugby World Cup in 2025.

Special thanks


James Ralley

Namu Desai

Miri Keck

Suzi Murray


Vinay Mistry

Charlotte Francis

Rosh Kumar

Sam Cornwall

Adam Witton

Connor Bannister

Leah Ratcliffe

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Jonathan Reed