Offsetters: Hayley travels from SYD to LDN

DesignStudio is lucky enough to call three of the most exciting cities in the world, home. Our exchange programme – Offsetters – gives our everyone in our teams in London, New York and Sydney a paid opportunity to apply for a temporary move to another studio for up to 90 days.

One of our first three Offsetters, Hayley is a Midweight Designer who has been at DS for three years. She waved goodbye to the DS Sydney team and said G'day to DS London for three months.

What made you apply for offsetters?

Who wouldn’t jump at the offer?! As soon as it was announced I knew I wanted to take part. Especially post-pandemic, the opportunity to live overseas and easily travel to other countries on weekends (a novelty for an Aussie) was too good to pass up.

Why London?

I’ve always fancied the idea of living in London. The allure of a bigger design scene along with the endless art galleries and gigs that London has to offer drew me in. With hopes to eventually move to London permanently, Offsetters was a way to try before I buy and see if I can really handle the ‘cloudy with a chance of grey’ forecast. Plus, as the only digital designer in Sydney, I loved the idea of getting to absorb as much as possible from the core of our digital team in London.

What's been your favourite part of the experience?

From trialling marmite crumpets, Monsters and Pom Bears, to fancy dress at the Christmas party and brekkie at Brunswick East, how do I pick a favourite? It’s been so fun getting to know everyone at DS London. I think the best bit has to be knowing I have a lovely group of friends on the other side of the world to return to. There’s nothing more special than that!

What have you learned?

Honestly, more confidence. I always wondered if I had the guts to move overseas and be so far out of my comfort zone. Three years ago I joined as an intern at DesignStudio Sydney. It was my first ‘proper’ studio gig, so if moving overseas wasn’t enough, it felt like starting a new job too. Working with different creative processes, presenting to new clients, and the dreaded new joiner ‘Fun Fact’ to share; it was a lot. But I was surprised to find I felt comfortable really quickly and in the end, I didn’t want to leave!

What's the top thing you'll take back to Sydney?

Gradually, after working on a variety of different projects, I’ve discovered that my passion lies in digital design. I’ve naturally gravitated towards working on more and more digital projects, and it’s become the primary kind of work that I do. With the Offsetters program, it was really nice to also step back into the world of branding for a bit and flex my muscles there. I’ve realised I’m not ready to close my doors to it yet and I’m excited to work on a mixture of both now that I’m back home.