Useful School X DesignStudio

We all understand the importance of diversity and representation in the creative industry. However, when so many of the barriers remain in place that have long prevented people of color from entering and staying in the industry – the cost, agencies hiring from the same graduate talent pools, the confidence to progress, to name just a few – how do we ever expect to solve the problem?

Enter Useful School. A virtual, pay-what-you-can school for beginner and advanced creatives, it is changing the game for people of color in the creative industry and for the agencies and businesses who are passionate about supporting their careers through training, mentorship and recruitment. Through their classes on product design, branding, financial wellness, and decolonization, they are helping POC level up their confidence, craft, portfolios, gigs, wealth and more.

We are incredibly proud to be supporting Useful School and their advanced branding students through sponsorship of their Advanced Branding class and their “Decolonize, Divest, and Create" class, both through sponsorship and workshops for our own team.

Our Executive Creative Director, Eric Ng, will be joining as a special guest for their Advanced Branding class, which focuses on the critical “soft skills” in design that so many other courses forget; negotiation, defining the right process, asking effective questions and building your personal brand.

If you would like to find out more about Useful School and opportunities to support their work, check out: