Creating a new approach to healthcare

Repositioned alan from a health insurer to a brand focused on ‘Better Living’
Visualised alan’s differentiated approach with a warm and fuzzy graphic language
alan was valued at £1.67bn in 2021 and now covers +160,000 people


alan has made radical changes to health insurance. Its fully digital service helps users navigate the French healthcare system and connect with medical professionals more easily.

At its core, alan has created a system that flows around the individual, using empathy to develop its product: a stark contrast to the clinical world of health insurance.

Brand Strategy

We helped position alan in a new category, evolving the brand narrative into ‘Better Living’ and extending its values into wellbeing. Subscribing to alan means being part of a community that cares about your whole experience – from making the appointment to getting your prescription.

Brand Expression

To visualise alan’s empathy and human-centred design, we created a warm, fuzzy graphic language. It’s the hug we all need on a sick day. Soft and friendly, our symbol is the face of alan; translating into textures, animations and illustrations across the user experience – even a custom emoji series for chat and social.

“After several months of hard work and teamwork we are really proud of the identityDesignStudio helped us create. The new alan is warm, friendly and really embodies our core values.”

Jean-Charles Samuelian
CEO & Co-Founder


Amidst a backdrop of cold, clinical and impenetrable health insurance brands, alan is warm, personable and exudes empathy in its humblest form. To consumers, this is a brand that’s fun, human, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. And it’s an approach that’s worked. In 2021, alan was valued at £1.67 billion following a $220 million funding round. Its revenue was up 62% to €258 million in 2022 and it now covers over 160,000 people.

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