Bringing the fun back to gaming

Created a new brand and approach to community engagement to help Chinese developer take TapTap, global
Challenged the serious and inaccessible world of gaming with the strategy, 'Gamers In'
The brand amplifies the fun and creativity of gaming with a lovable character mascot, Tato


Founded in 2016, TapTap is a mobile gaming community platform from Chinese developer, XD. It brings together mobile gamers and mobile creators to connect over the games they love.


Despite domestic success, XD had ambitions to take TapTap into international markets, with a particular focus on the US. With very different gaming habits and demographics in the West, they needed a different approach to brand building that would help them enter a crowded and competitive new market and drive standout, love and community engagement around their platform.

Above all, we wanted to challenge how the world thinks of gaming brands. In a space that’s littered with tropes of masculinity, moodiness and aggression, we wanted to hero TapTap’s community and build a brand that could be embraced and owned by all users.


During our extensive Immersion, we spent time on TapTap: playing games, diving deep into content and speaking with their diverse gaming community to understand the common thread which united them all. We spoke with gamers around the world to add nuance and detail and stepped outside of TapTap, exploring similar and distinct online communities to clearly understand what they offered and lacked.

Brand Strategy

We built TapTap to challenge the world of gaming, which we learned had become serious and inaccessible. Instead, TapTap centres on the idea, ‘Gamers In’. Warm and welcoming, it embraces gaming's broad audience from the pro to the casual, from the newbie to battle hardened. Regardless of age, gender or background, TapTap is the place for you.

Brand Expression

Our brand amplifies the unabashed optimism of Gamers In, with a lovable character mascot, Tato. They sit squarely at the front of the brand, adding personality and playfulness at every turn. We built a system of different emotions, reactions and interactions for Tato and customisation for the community to make Tato, theirs.

Tato makes gaming more accessible and reminds us what it’s all about…community, creativity and having fun.

Our tone of voice gives form to the ambitions of the community, demonstrates our credibility in the space and speaks in a manner which is passionate and authentic to gamers and gaming.

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