Center Parcs Europe

Modernising a European travel icon

Developed the brand idea, ‘Human Nature’ to reflect Center Parcs connecting people and nature
Created a new brand marque to unite the brand name, nature and humans
The influx of visitors crashed the Center Parcs website at launch


For over 55 years, Center Parcs Europe has been a pioneer of travel and hospitality. With 29 Parks throughout the Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium, Center Parcs brings loved ones together to enjoy unforgettable holidays.

Today, as travellers crave sustainable, authentic and local experiences, the pioneering spirit of the brand lives on with holidays to bring all loved ones – be that friends; traditional, extended or blended families; teammates or colleagues – together in nature.


In line with a broader reinvention strategy, the modernisation of existing parks and investment in new locations, we partnered with Center Parcs Europe to reimagine the brand experience by redefining the brand story as the foundation for a new visual and sonic identity.


We undertook an extensive immersion, visiting and experiencing the parks across Europe, engaging with guests and stakeholders at all levels and immersing in the brand’s history and archives.

Center Parcs Europe brand history and archives

Brand strategy

Our brand idea, Human Nature, goes back to the brand’s founding principles of ‘man + nature’, and symbolises its power to connect us with nature and each other. It has become the guiding vision to reimagine the Center Parcs Europe experience across every touch point and unite all brand communication.

Brand identity

At the heart of the new visual identity sits the brand marque which unites three crucial elements: Center Parcs brand name, nature and humans. The new typeface - Bagoss - was chosen for its circular joints and organic terminals. These are set against a new colour system that moves beyond the expected green to an eclectic, vibrant and flexible palette inspired by all facets of the natural world.

New logo for Center Parcs Europe in different colours

Brand expression

A new system of location badges creates consistency across the parks of Europe whilst celebrating the uniqueness and heritage of each location. This idea extends across each park as the visual identity is brought to life throughout the environments, from interiors to wayfinding and signage.

Illustrations by Fuchsia MacAree inject warmth, joy and a human touch across the system, providing Center Parcs Europe with a new way to share stories and ideas. We partner our illustrations with a clear set of icons, designed for digital use but also perfect for signage.

Center Parcs Europe icons and ilustrations
Center Parcs Europe illustrations in different colours

A key part of the new system is bespoke photography that depicts the full Center Parcs experience, the quieter moments, the fun, the adventures, the connection. Photography works across three tiers: the textural close ups of nature; real, candid shots of people and the coming together of humans and nature.

Bespoke branding expression for Center Parcs Europe: human and nature coming together

Another essential asset is our graphic shapes. Inspired by moments and elements in the parks, they are used to express content and form joyful patterns across environments and collateral.

Visual assets for Center Parcs Europe
Center Parcs Europe visual asset

Imagining the future

This is just the beginning of the journey for Center Parcs Europe. With ambitions to go beyond travel and hospitality, we’ve used MidJourney to imagine Center Parcs as a lifestyle brand where Human Nature can be enjoyed by everyone.

Brand expression for Center Parcs Europe: Human Nature


Rolled out across 29 Parcs throughout Europe, the new visual identity and launch campaign resulted in an unprecedented number of visits to the Center Parcs Europe website within two days of launch. The rebrand was covered widely by creative press and also appeared in mainstream press outlets.

“DesignStudio perfectly translated our vision into our new brand story. This is the basis for a modern and vibrant visual identity and will be incorporated in all future experiences and behaviour.”

Andres Neira De Back
Marketing Director, Center Parcs Europe

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