Making room to daydream for a hospitality start-up

Rebranded Dayuse to communicate their challenger approach to the traditional hotel model
Built the brand to depict a tapestry of moments and moods: from quiet focus to spicy romance
1 year later, Dayuse had 1.4m monthly visitors and had expanded into 25 countries


Traditionally, hotels have been booked ‘per night’. Parisian start-up, Dayuse, challenged this by giving guests the ability to book a hotel ‘per day’ and access everything a hotel can offer.

For hotels, this is a new and productive way to utilise their spaces and for guests, it’s an exciting way to spend a day.

We worked with Dayuse to tell their story and demonstrate this twist on a traditional industry through a new brand identity.

Brand strategy

We focused on the idea, ‘Stay Open’. This is a reflection of what Dayuse allows guests and hotels to do, and reflects the attitude that drives their business. Dayuse emits a spirit of possibility and invitation. This is infused across the new identity.

We set about defining the unique style and flavour that would highlight Dayuse’s individuality. In order to do this, we created a distinctive cocktail of two ingredients; Honey and Ginger. The honey expresses smooth, seamless functionality, along with comfort, warmth and familiar ‘sweetness’. The ginger represents a kick of the unexpected, the cheekier, more playful side of the business, where you’ll also find passion, romance and ‘heat'.

Brand expression

Another key element of the Dayuse brand is time. This is reflected in the clock-face inspired logo and across the visual system, which comprises a patchwork of moments, each a window on a mood, time of day or a service.

From the daylight hues in the brand’s colours and photography, to the sensory snapshots of Berlin Michelle’s illustrations, everything is designed to highlight the hotels in their best light, and to inspire guests with all the possibilities they could fit into a day.


Dayuse has continued to go from strength to strength following the creation of its brand. In 2022, the company had 1.4 million visitors monthly and had expanded into 25 countries worldwide.

“In a world of hotel-aggregator sites and black and white booking forms, Dayuse as a business, and now brand, is a burst of something different. A tapestry of moments and moods, from quiet focus to spicy romance, all woven together across the course of a day.”

David Lebée
Founder, Dayuse

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