Helping Silicon Valley get organised

Re-imagined Evernote as the answer to ‘information overload’
Built a graphic system to visualise bringing clarity to chaos
Post rebrand, active users increased to 250 million


More than just a note-taking app, Evernote is our organisational god-send. With its 10th anniversary coming up, the brand wanted a new positioning to better reflect who they are and what they do. We worked with Evernote to revisit both their brand strategy and visual identity.


After immersing ourselves in Evernote’s world, we discovered their product brought clarity and focus to modern life: a much-needed answer to ‘information overload’.

Brand strategy

We worked closely alongside Evernote to develop a new purpose for the brand. It’s all about clearing headspace, allowing users to focus on what matters most.

Brand identity

Our brand identity brings the idea of clearing headspace to life externally. We modernised Evernote’s classic logo, and created a graphic system that visualises chaos being ironed out or made digestible.


The final result is a fresh, energetic, and modern visual system, which encapsulates the new positioning. To communicate the new vision internally, we created a film for Evernote’s company-wide brand reveal, marking their 10th anniversary.

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