Making time management a daily practice

Refreshed Harvest to reflect their vision to 'Help teams spend time wisely'
Built an identity inspired by timelines and the cycle of peoples’ time
Harvest’s revenue rose to $93.7M with 110 million customers in 2023


Productivity is taking the world by storm as time becomes one of our greatest and most valuable commodities.

Against this backdrop, Harvest is a time management tool founded on the idea that time and invoicing should be simple. Today they help thousands of businesses around the world track their time – from freelancers to small businesses and large corporations.

Following a period of growth, Harvest needed a brand refresh to bring to life their vision of what time well spent looks, feels and sounds like for their users.

Brand Idea

The process began with one simple question: What happens when time becomes a daily practice?

Harvest is not just about how teams track time but how they also reflect and invest it. The practice is a cycle of 3 steps, each adding value to the next one, and constantly evolving with every full turn. By regularly doing this practice, you will better understand your use of time, and as a consequence, invest it wisely to reach your milestones. This strategy helped us shape how we could bring their vision to 'Help teams spend time wisely' to life.

Brand Identity

When everyone's time is precious, we built a brand that is simple and intuitive across all physical and digital touchpoints. The visual identity is inspired by the cycle of keeping, reflecting and investing in your time and draws upon historical and modern calendars to tell the story of time well spent.

The logo is made up of the Harvest symbol and bespoke word marque which symbolise a timeline with tabs and vertical lines. Designed to cut through the noise of productivity and the rush of the world today, we created mature brand visuals from a soft and calm palette and a distinctive brand colour to reflect Harvest’s new position.

A modular and flexible library of illoglyphs (illustrations and glyphs) inspired by the prehistoric practice of civilisations documenting their time through wall carvings, inject personality and enable Harvest to communicate specific product benefits and richer value-driven stories.


Following the launch of the new brand in 2022, Harvest’s revenue was reported to rise to $93.7M with 110 million customers in 2023.

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