New horizons for a beloved travel brand

Repositioned Scott’s Cheap Flights to become a major player in the travel industry
Renamed to Going to capture the enthusiasm and curiosity of travel
Designed the brand identity to symbolise spinning a globe and picking a destination


Founded in 2015 as a newsletter to family and friends, Scott’s Cheap Flights now has a membership of over 2 million people, with a website, search engine, newsletter and soon-to-launch app. With a team of over 60 people, the brand had grown beyond just Scott, and beyond the initial proposition of ‘cheap flights’. DesignStudio was challenged to build on this incredible growth with a new brand strategy, name and visual identity.

Brand Strategy

What makes Scott’s Cheap Flights so special is the way in which they open up the world for their members. Speaking with employees, stakeholders, and members old and new, we uncovered the idea of ‘Invite the Unexpected,’ which encourages users to explore new destinations by having the courage to spin the globe and pick a deal.


When so much of the category is positioned around price, and the company had grown beyond their namesake, the brand needed to create differentiation through an emotive platform to better connect with consumers. The name, Going, instils a sense of curiosity and eagerness that they aim to inspire within all of their members.

Brand identity

The marque playfully represents the spontaneous twists and turns of travelling, which always leaves us landing on our feet. The reverse loop symbolises the brand’s unique deal-first approach, which opens up travellers’ possibilities by starting with price.

Going's new brand identity
New logo for Going, explained

Brand Expression

The design system is based on being open-minded enough to spin a globe and spontaneously pick a destination. This translates digitally into interactive and motion principles that allow one to peruse destinations and deals, never knowing what will be next around the corner.

The colour palette is inspired by the biological diversity of the globe’s four hemispheres. Warm and cool hues compliment the range of climates depicted in our photography and pairing them with varied accents conveys the excitement of travelling and discovering new ways of life.

Illustrations, created by Olivia Malone, are a depiction of Going’s community members. They interact with the globe and destinations to signify Going’s role in bridging the gap between dreaming of where to go, and actually booking it.

Instead of bucket list landmarks and overly posed travellers, vignettes of smaller moments tell unexpected and intimate stories. We hero user generated content that represents traveller's perspectives from all walks of life.

Going's illustrations. Ball (left), bottle (right)
“DesignStudio was the perfect partner leading us through a highly collaborative, iterative, creative, and thorough process where their team acted as an extension of the Scott’s Cheap Flights team. We couldn’t be happier with the final results.”

Derek Cann
Vice President Marketing, Going

Going's branding in a taxi

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