Helping a super-app build financial inclusion in Southeast Asia

Redefined Grab to help achieve their mission to financially uplift Southeast Asia
Clarified the brand architecture and created a new brand ‘GrabFin’ for Grab’s extensive financial services products
Enabled Grab to IPO on Wall Street: the biggest debut ever by a Southeast Asian company


Grab is a brand originally founded around two sectors: ride hailing and food delivery. But it’s recently evolved into a super app, with  more than 25 million people using the app each month to make a transaction, across 465 cities in eight countries. Its proposition has extended outwards to include a whole suite of financial products and services built to help millions of unbanked or underbanked people in Southeast Asia.

Excluded from traditional financial systems and banks, whether due to a lack of access, financial history, or a credit profile, these communities can access financial services with Grab using only their smartphone - from credit products, to insurance, to loans. 

With such a varied offering, Grab enlisted our help to simplify and elevate the brand, to bolster its mission to financially serve and uplift Southeast Asia.  

Brand strategy

We worked with Grab for 18 months to understand the entire portfolio and rationalise the offering into a clarified brand architecture. We incorporated the ancillary financial products under a new brand named ‘GrabFin' and built this brand adjacent to Grab.

With the brand idea, 'Making money move', GrabFin is all about helping people who were previously outside of the traditional financial system gain access to a digital financial system. With GrabFin, they can do more with their money, whether that is saving it, investing it, or spending it more freely.

Brand expression

The visual identity extends Grab's core brand, breathing a new life into it. We partnered with the artist Santtu Mustonen to create a suite of dynamic and playful brand assets. Forms and patterns represent the different ways in which GrabFin helps you make more of your money from saving and investing to incremental spending. 

The brand is unabashedly loud and proud, helping GrabFin cut through in a very visually noisy marketplace to provide a clear and confident option to the audience.


Grab IPO’d in 2021 as the biggest Wall Street debut by a Southeast Asian company ever.

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