Creating a new standard of renting

Refreshed HousingAnywhere to help bridge the gap between renters and landlords
Introduced the brand idea ‘Rent Easy, Live Free’, empowering people to live wherever and however they choose
Crafted a tone of voice that blends purpose and authority with warmth and relatability


HousingAnywhere is an international property rental platform that helps bridge the gap between renters and landlords, simplifying the process of finding a home or a tenant.

When they approached us to help them refresh their identity, we soon realised that, above all, this was a brand built on connection - something that quickly became central to our design approach.

Brand Strategy

Our brand idea ‘Rent Easy, Live Free’, chimed with the brand’s positive, optimistic outlook and got right to the heart of their core proposition, providing an inspiring rallying call for the business.

We loved the metaphor of the brand as a bridge - whether that’s between renter and landlord, or where you are now and where you’d like to be, and incorporated this idea into our symbol and wider visual language.

Brand Expression

Taking the heart of the logo to embrace this idea of two sides of the coin, we created a simple yet flexible system. A system that can stand still but also move with dynamism and simplicity.

We incorporated the beautiful, curving arches from the logo into selected letters in the headline font. Combined with the slanted glyphs on the ‘L’s and ‘l’s’, it adds a real sense of warmth and charm to our visual language.

But we also gave our brand expression a more illustrative mode by creating a series of vibrant illustrations combined with warm colours to give the brand a warm and welcoming feel.

Whether we are heroing our tenants, landlords or spaces, the HA photography style reflects ease and freedom by being vivid, authentic and optimistic.

HousingAnywhere takes pride in making the rental process not just simpler, but infinitely more human. They needed a ToV that could balance purpose and authority with real warmth and relatability. The tone we developed allows them to flex effortlessly between very different messages and audiences, whilst maintaining a consistent and distinctive tone that feels true to everything they stand for as a brand.

“The new brand identity will stand the test of time, establishing ourselves in the hearts and minds of consumers as a brand that empowers people to live wherever and however they choose. Brand strategy, brand architecture, tone of voice, colours, typography, photography, motion - all the facets of a brand identity were covered thanks to the excellent work from the DS team.”

Kaj van Zweeden
VP Marketing, HousingAnywhere


HousingAnywhere’s new refreshed brand embodies a bridge to represent the journey it facilitates by successfully matching property providers with tenants. Whether embarking on a career in a foreign country or pursuing education in a different city, finding a new home should be as easy as booking a hotel room. A flexible, safe and harmonious renting experience will empower individuals with the freedom to do life their own way.

Special thanks


Djordy Seelmann

Kaj van Zweeden

Yoony Kim

Alok Raj


Julien Queyrane

Chrys Naselos

Bahar Shahidi

Lexie Vryoni

Steven Thorne

Ho Jing Pang

Adam Witton

Bianca Kehoe


Type Design: Radim Pesko