Uniting numerous businesses through a brand that makes life easier

Created a single brand to unite several businesses under one innovative idea
Repositioned Scout24 to ‘Make it Happen’ and get things done through their innovative digital experience
Revenue increased 10% in the year following the rebrand


The big things in life are stressful to sort. But Scout24 changed that, making it easier to search for a house or car, and get finance to start a business. With exciting digital products, the Scout24 team had been hugely innovative internally, but their brand didn’t reflect it. It was time to bring the inside out.


Scout24 is made up of several different businesses, each with their own brand strategy. We worked in partnership with the CEO and internal teams to align on a singular proposition that would capture the forward facing culture of the business, in the brightest way possible.

This was ‘Make it Happen’, empowering people to make hard decisions easy and get things done through a sophisticated digital experience.

Brand Expression

We visualised ‘Make it Happen’ as a digital highlighter that circles, scribbles, and draws. It guides the user through the platform, picking out essential information and making everything digestible. The app’s functions have also been stripped back, concentrating on the elements customers find most useful – such as smart search. To show off Scout24’s passion for digital, we made our brand elements work in augmented reality as fun activations.

The brand identity shows customers’ ideas brought to life in their truest form; lists and doodles. No matter how big or how silly, Scout24 is here to help everyone’s ideas become reality. A partnership with Pol Montserrat saw heartwarming illustrations of everyday dreams in today’s market.


Our new strategy and visual identity for Scout24 launched early in 2020. In 2021, Scout24 reported a 10% annual revenue increase to €389 million. In 2022, their annual revenue increased another 15% to € 447.5 million.

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