Making technology more human

Transformed Logitech from a tech company to design-first brand
Created a new name, architecture and visual identity to communicate its vision
Delivered 500% growth and named as a Fast Company Top 10 design company


We worked alongside Logitech during its biggest transformation in history. More than just a face-lift, the company wanted to redefine who it was and make a fundamental shift in the business – putting design thinking at the heart of everything.

Despite 30 years of heritage, Logitech wasn’t creating a buzz for young customers, and no one knew what it stood for. For long-term change, Logitech’s new vision needed to be properly implemented across the whole brand, and communicated in the right way.


As a manufacturer of PC and mobile accessories, Logitech was a technology-first company. After working with the brand, from Switzerland to California, we helped to shift their new brand into a design-centric, people-first approach.

Brand Strategy and Naming

The new name ‘Logi’ is friendly and human. It shows a bold, committed change to a totally new personality. We worked with the internal team to establish a different brand architecture, ensuring that every single product offering would align with the new vision.

Brand Identity

We created an identity flexible enough to house those products. Our logo has rich Swiss heritage – a nod to Logi’s birthplace – and works across all touchpoints; from a huge speaker, to a tiny piece of wearable tech.We’ve introduced a vibrant palette to get Logi noticed and loved – changing the visual codes of this category and showing that ‘premium’ doesn’t mean all black everything. We also revisited the product photography and all other design assets, anchoring everything in an uncomplicated, human aesthetic.

“Design is at the heart of everything we do moving forward. It’s the force driving the company. Now our brand truly reflects the ambition of the company.”

Alastair Curtis
Chief Design Officer, Logitech


In five years, Logi has seen 500% growth, and been named as one of Fast Company’s top 10 design companies in the world. Logi’s products have transformed their retail spaces and launched a new era for electronics, creating products that continue to reflect the design thinking of our rebrand. With the brand implemented in every stage of Logi’s transformation, the results have been unprecedented.

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