Giving loyalty new life

Reconsidered loyalty for 18 million customers
Helped Nectar leap from a plastic loyalty card into the world of digital retail
Breathed new life into Nectar’s most iconic assets


As the UK’s largest loyalty scheme, Nectar’s been a household name for years. But its customers needed reason to re-engage. It was time to evolve from the age of plastic loyalty cards into the world of digital shopping. With an ambition to rethink customer loyalty and have its own personality in a sea of partner brands, we worked with Nectar to wake up its 18 million users.

Brand expression

We brought Nectar to life, taking what was iconic about the brand – the colour purple and distinctive droplet – and reinvigorating it. The new logo is characterful and energetic, full of cheeky personality. Along with an equally cheeky tone of voice and playful art direction that’s instantly recognisable as Nectar’s 3D world, the brand now holds its own amongst partners.

The visual system is designed to work just as well digitally as it does for large-scale retail printing. To help Nectar manage the huge rollout nationwide, we worked to prepare a beta version first, tested on a small part of the UK.


The new identity is an evolution of the ubiquitous Nectar brand reimagined for a modern, digital-first, UK audience. It’s designed to be distinctive and interactive – offering the digital shopper a holistic, vibrant experience and positioning the brand as both helpful and playful.

We saw an overnight launch in every Sainsbury’s store in the country, mirroring the confidence and boldness of the new brand. Now a strong visual presence on both our phones and our high streets, new Nectar’s turning heads and making people remember why they signed up.

“By taking the time to develop a genuine understanding of our business and where we want to go, the DesignStudio team have created a powerful new visual identity that has really moved the Nectar brand forward.”

Gill Wright
Brand and Planning Director, Nectar

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