Riot Games Europe: Montpellier Finals

Creating an extra-dimensional LEC festival

Helped Riot unleash a new tournament format: A festival inspired Season Finals weekend
A brand treatment that pushed the original identity into a whole new space
Celebrated a mashup of the LEC’s fierce fandom,  gaming culture and the French seaside

Setting the scene

Following the success of Malmö — the first finals to take place in a real location in three years, the 2023 LEC Finals were set to be hosted in Montpellier, France. This time around, more than attracting the fans to the venue, the challenge was to brand an event that was felt like more than a gaming competition.

Earlier in 2023, Riot introduced a new tournament format, to include the EMEA Masters Summer Finals and LEC Season Finals, all in line with their bigger ambition to provide fans with entertainment both on and off the rift. Naturally, this led to a push to pack the Season Finals weekend with both esports fandom and sunny Mediterranean energy.

The approach

With Riot’s ambitions in mind, we envisioned the event as an extra-dimensional festival — a full on convergence of realities.

A place where classic clashes with avant garde. Where future rivalries are forged. Where minimalism collides with maximalism. Where the energy of the LEC breaks through time and space, blending elements from both Montpellier and the LoL universe.

Perkz et Pastis.
Odoamne and ocean views.
Sun, statues and Sama.
Rekkles on the Riviera.
Nostradamus and Nisqy.
Castles, Caps and chaos.

All unleashed together.

Brand Expression

We started to build our extra dimensional world through an eclectic palette of juxtaposing elements.

A logo treatment reminiscent of retro-futuristic paradise destinations. Spritz-inspired gradients. Clashing typefaces that skew and tilt into new realities. Art Nouveau details to architecturally frame multiplied photography treatments. All amidst team logos and seaside elements recreated as partially destroyed stone statues.

Every element layers up, giving the toolkit a peculiar and maximalist edge.


Our approach to the 2023 Season Finals helped us continue to challenge and celebrate everything that makes the LEC community what it is — a beautiful mashup of fierce fandom and gaming culture.

Huge thanks to the LEC team for letting us break loads of design rules — distorting type, testing limits of readability, mashing up English and French. And most importantly, for letting us inadvertently creating the next LEC meme — a flying stone crab.

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