Riot Games China

Bringing LPL’s unapolagetic attitude to the world

Rebranded Riot Games’ Chinese league, LPL
Harnessed LPL’s fearless, mind-bending, rule-breaking spirit: 'Crazy is Our Game'
Created a brand designed to flex between moments of tense calm and complete chaos


LPL is the top-tier professional league for League of Legends in China — and it’s also the world’s largest. Seventeen teams, physical arenas around the country, development leagues, and an incredible infrastructure for growing the next generation of esports talent.

Known for their innovative, rule-breaking, mind-bending play style on the rift, the LPL brand was stuck following trends within the traditional sports world in efforts to build credibility.

They came to us to help them harness their individuality and true spirit. To create a brand that would help garner not just legitimacy — but respect — as a truly global esports icon.


Immersing ourselves from afar, we dove into LPL's community and culture, meeting some of their most dedicated players, fans, partners and commentators. Equally as intense and passionate about the game as many leagues around the world, we knew we needed to define what made the LPL different.

What struck us was a consistent theme of fearlessness — both on and off the rift. To push boundaries. To forge new, unexpected partnerships. To break the rules and define a new meta. To go all-in during 1v5 battles. To instigate epic team fights. To chant "Jai You 加油!" (Translation: "pour oil on the fire") during every game.

This unapologetic attitude is something we knew we had to capture — a characteristic known and felt by every LPL fan.

Brand Strategy

To some around the world, the LPL’s approach to the game is sheer madness. But to the LPL, it’s genius. It’s unpredictable, intense, innovative, fierce, wild, and always one step ahead. Every season, they’re pushing every limit and breaking every boundary. It’s not just a state of play — it’s a state of mind. There’s only one way to describe it — Crazy.

We defined 'Crazy is Our Game' as the strategic foundation for the LPL. A proud statement that speaks to the bold mindset of the LPL players and community — one that puts a stake in the ground and proudly owns this distinctive approach to their sport that no one else can replicate.

Brand Expression

We brought Crazy to life by developing two key behaviours — Tension and Eruption — throughout the visual system, with an ability to flex between calm and sophisticated moments and those that are hyper-energetic and loud.

The new holistic and flexible brand toolkit can connect all aspects of the business and its multiple touchpoints – from print to merchandise, broadcast to arena experiences, and beyond.

We created a custom headline typeface in English and Chinese, designed to be as bold and fierce as LPL. Loud enough to be heard. Sharp and agile enough to cut through the noise.

Inspired by the crazy characteristics of the LPL gameplay, the tone of voice and messaging speak to the audacious mindset of all the league’s players and fans. Whether they're ramping up the energy or letting it all out, the writing is as sharp as their focus and as fiery as their passion.

The brand launched at the 2021 Summer Finals in Shanghai. We’re proud to have helped set the LPL up for their next chapter, to build incredible new partnerships, collaborations and experiences. However, most importantly, we’ve helped them regain confidence in their unique spirit, in order to become a truly unstoppable competitor.

We can’t wait to see what the LPL does next. Whatever it is, we know it will blow our minds.

“LPL is aiming to be the best esports league in the world, our new strategy and brand will refresh our image and convey the impact of brand power, to create a new bold identity that will appeal to our dedicated players and international fans.”

Kate Han,
Head of Branding & Events at TJ Sports

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