Balancing tech and talent for an HR and workforce management company

Developed a strategic foundation, ‘For Progress’, to reflect the ambition for their services
Clarified the brand with a new name: Will
Built a visual identity inspired by cairns, beautiful markers balanced with care and skill to guide the way forward


Through organic growth and strategic acquisition of multiple companies, Will has grown into a major player in HR and workforce management with a clear focus in APAC and a global reach.


The successful growth of the group had led to lack of clarity between the brand and its relationship with each sub-company.

Brand strategy

Working closely with the Will leadership team, we created a new name for the group, and a purposeful strategic proposition, 'For Progress', built around a higher ambition for the services they provide.

Brand expression

We created a flexible new brand with, ‘For Progress’, at its heart. Inspired by cairns, beautiful markers balanced with care and skill to guide the way forward.

The brand gives Will the tools to speak to their approach - assembling the right team, products and services to help them navigate the way forward.


In a sector filled with sameness, we’ve equipped Will with a strategy and brand designed to unite the group with purpose. Clarified with a confident new name, a distinct visual identity and a unified digital presence.

“With the new brand, you gave us a voice and the tools to stand out and make ourselves heard in a distinct and compelling way.”

Matthew Chapman
Executive Director, Will

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