A new global community for girls everywhere

Helped Girl Effect bring their mobile platform to life — to globally connect and empower girls
Represented a generation of girls in control of their futures through the creative proposition, ‘In our Hands’
Today, Springster is accessed by 1.3 million average unique users per month


Education plus friendship equals confidence. Not-for-profit organisation, Girl Effect, uses mobile and digital solutions to connect and empower girls around the world. They needed help bringing Girl Effect Mobile to life – their new, free and easily accessible global mobile platform.

“Springster is special...technology and storytelling can give girls confidence - and drive a new generation of them to take over the world.”

Sheryl Sandberg
COO, Facebook


We travelled to four key countries (Colombia, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Pakistan) hearing the hopes, dreams, and everyday realities of girls first-hand. We broadened our understanding of the tensions and opportunities within each region by speaking to local experts.

Brand Strategy

‘It’s in Our Hands’ was our creative proposition; articulating a generation of girls in control of their futures. We kicked off Girl Effect’s new mobile community with a new name: Springster. Anyone can be a Springster, giving isolated girls a sense of belonging and the confidence to fulfil their potential.

Brand Identity

To visualise a happy, supportive community accessible from anywhere in the world, we built a colourful, diverse identity – full of fun illustrations and lively graphics. To appeal to girls globally, we took inspiration from the one borderless language people can all relate to – emojis. As well as developing Springster emojis, we worked with semiotics professionals to create the 'Springster Hey' – a universal, welcoming gesture and a powerful symbol uniting girls everywhere.


Sharing educational content and inspirational stories from across the globe, Springster helps girls find meaning and strength in each other’s experiences. It’s made by girls, for girls – and has the potential to empower more young women everywhere.

Just 12 months after launch, Springster reached nearly 16 million users. Now, one of Facebook Free Basics’ top five most visited sites, Springster’s live in 66 countries and in 17 languages worldwide, supported by 78 mobile network operators and accessed by 1.3 million average unique users per month.

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