Transforming a beauty booking service into a self-expression champion

Repositioned from beauty booking to a platform for self-expression
Renamed to Treatwell and created a visual identity inspired by the ways we express ourselves
Today, Treatwell stands as Europe’s leading online booking platform


Wahanda was an online hair and beauty booking service dominating the UK and Europe. After rapid growth, it was made up of five different brands operating in ten countries. Wahanda needed to unite these brands under a new identity with a single purpose, so they could speak to users across Europe with one voice.

DesignStudio working on Treatwell's visual identity

Brand strategy

For six months, we worked closely with Wahanda to develop a strategic vision to unify all businesses. We firstly introduced a new name: Treatwell. We also moved away from the rigid aesthetics of the beauty industry, and championed confidence and individuality. Transforming Treatwell from a beauty booking site into a platform for self-expression gave the brand a distinctive voice.

“You took a kernel of a good idea and were able to keep growing, developing and expanding it into something incredible.”

Chris Wood
CCO of Treatwell

Brand expression

To match this bold vision, Treatwell needed a visual identity that emphasised dynamism. We were inspired by facial expressions, movement and body language as ways of expressing ourselves. This formed the basis of the brand’s visual language, art direction, photography and illustration. Beyond guidelines and in-house tools, we created an inspiration hub for teams to use as a springboard, enabling them to implement the brand across formats and countries.

New brand identity for Treatwell
2 persons with colorful background for Treatwell new branding


Treatwell’s new identity is loved by consumers, high-end providers and salons alike. The positive ethos around self-expression has been shared across Europe and used to fuel global expansion. The brand is now firmly planted as Europe’s leading online booking platform, managing 100 million appointments yearly and providing management software to more than 45,000 partner salons.

Treatwell's new brand identity and expression
“This will now become the platform for our growth over the next 5, 10 years and beyond.”

Lopo Champalimaud
CEO and Founder, Treatwell

Different products like a bag with new Tratwell visuals and identity

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