Defining a storytelling platform for India’s biggest broadcaster

Developed a platform and communications strategy to tell the story behind the organisation
The strategic platform, 'Imagine more...', transformed the Star platform into a destination for telling rich stories of transformation
Within a month, the Star website saw a 300% increase in traffic and length of stay


Always championing progressive storytelling, India’s biggest broadcaster – Star – has led the entertainment industry for over a decade, introducing cutting-edge technology, groundbreaking initiatives and driving social change.


Despite their innovative and leading approach, Star didn’t have the platform to tell the world what they were about. We partnered together to re-imagine their website and approach to storytelling to better communicate what sits behind the entertainment and reflect the breadth of opportunity Star could offer prospective employees.


We travelled to India to work with Star’s team and understand just how deeply they’ve shaped culture. From innovating entertainment, to promoting gender equality, they continue to lead the way in the country’s rapid development.

Brand Strategy

The insights gained through our immersion led us to create a strategic platform based around the expression ‘Imagine more...'. An evolution of their corporate strapline, 'Inspire a billion imaginations' focuses on the spirit behind the creation of the content. This became the flexible foundation for Star to tell the world their own inspirational stories in a variety of ways.

“It is about enabling, empowering and stimulating everyone to find his or her own answers; answers shaped by their own imagination.”

Uday Shankar

Chairman of Star India, President of The Walt Disney Company, Asia Pacific

Brand Expression

'Imagine more...' became the key to shaping the Star platform into something more profound than a TV listings page. Star's site became the destination for telling Star's rich stories of transformation, expressing their vision for the future and opening up a dialogue with their audience.

At launch, we created Star’s launch stories, directing a photoshoot that spanned across India. We went behind the scenes to capture the impact of their work and amplify their initiatives. Alongside this we developed a new editorial style, helping to identify, assess, and build the stories that would be most relevant and impactful for future content.


Within a month of launch, the website saw a 300% increase in traffic and length of stay. Star received a colossal increase in job applications, and since the launch of the ‘Pitch your Idea’ initiative, over a thousand new ideas were submitted via the website.

Star now has a platform and communications strategy to share its work, its spirit, and its impact. ‘Imagine more…’ is a licence to go far beyond the platform, with whatever exciting future projects the team sees fit.

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