Transforming Lives in Long Island City

In the heart of Long Island City—a neighborhood where streets ring with the laughter of children and families from all walks of life—motherhood takes on diverse forms. Amid this urban mosaic, one organization shines brightly, making a profound difference for mothers and their children.

Hour Children, named for the pivotal hours that mark a child's life during a mother's incarceration, is a beacon of support for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women in New York State. Their comprehensive services, including housing, childcare, job training, and mental health support, form a lifeline for families affected by the criminal justice system.

As part of an ongoing relationship, DesignStudio NY recently had the honor of volunteering with Hour Children. During our time together, we gained invaluable insight into their impactful work within the community. Our day was spent side by side with existing volunteers, lending a hand at the food pantry and organizing donated clothing at the warehouse.

"It's humbling to understand and help this community in need, which is only a stone's throw from the studio. It's really impressive how Hour Children has built an entire ecosystem to aid incarcerated mothers, their children, and beyond. Their holistic approach is truly remarkable."

Executive Creative Director, Eric Ng

"I've participated in several CSR days during my time at DS, each unique in its own way. However, our day with Hour Children left me genuinely humbled, feeling that what we did truly mattered. The passion and support from everyone at the organization were incredible, and the profound impact they have on people's lives is abundantly evident. I eagerly look forward to volunteering with Hour Children again. Their cause is immensely important and deserves the support of all who can give it."

Client Director, Magali Johnson

To find out more about Hour Children and to donate, visit