Unearthing the true beauty of a Filipino e-commerce retailer

Introduced a new proposition to champion authenticity over traditional beauty standards
Reimagined the UX - including special assets for regions with slower internet speeds
Built an art direction style that empowers and champions all kinds of women


Launched in Manila in 2014, BeautyMnl fast became one of the biggest e-commerce retailers in the Philippines. With huge expansion in the pipeline (wellness, fitness, mother and baby) and plans for physical stores, our challenge was to reposition BeautyMnl to communicate its breadth of products, reach an older and more affluent audience, and celebrate the incredible community that had already formed.


We became familiar with BeautyMnl through working with them before and throughout lockdown. We navigated challenges unique to their business and local culture, and discovered what beauty really meant to their customers.

It turns out authenticity was the most compelling takeaway for the new brand. It was time to go beyond traditional beauty standards, and set themselves apart from counterfeit-selling competitors.

Brand strategy

We defined BeautyMnl’s strategic proposition as ‘Be Your Best Self’, championing realness, the buying and selling of great products, and a broader view on what beauty means to the modern Filipina community.

Brand Expression

Working closely with BeautyMnl’s team, we reimagined the whole user experience. We created a sophisticated and beautiful graphic system that felt deservedly premium, really giving the products a chance to shine. We created a refined word mar and a custom, handwritten typeface to soften and humanise the brand.

It was important we created elements flexible enough to work across every platform on a global scale. From tiny app icons to huge retail executions, our logo is now everywhere – robust enough to be recognised and build trust. We also made special assets specifically for regions with slower internet connection: a set of loading animations to entertain and disguise the wait.

To really encourage customers to be their best self, we built an art direction style around diversity. Instead of focusing solely on local, traditional beauty ideals, BeautyMnl captures all kinds of women, from markets all around the world.

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