The protection platform turning habits into waves of positive change

Translated a complex offering into an engaging experience
Designed the core brand and digital product to hero the power of people’s positive actions
Introduced Buddy, a charismatic avatar that is the face of the Betterfly digital experience


By rewarding people’s positive habits, Betterfly is transforming insurance from a product we use when things go wrong, into something that companies can use to protect their workforce. This relationship empowers each person to build a better everyday for themselves—and a better world for everyone. This triple-win was made possible through many innovations that weren’t always easy to communicate, so we worked together to ensure we tell each part of this story right. In the process, we designed a brand that beams with energy, captivates people, and inspires meaningful change.

Digital tools, real impact

A central part of the experience, Betterfly’s product is a comprehensive digital platform with a lot to offer to both businesses and users. However, the main environment where their impact is felt is within the everyday lives of people. This hints at the complexity of the challenge and our holistic approach: to create a fun and engaging digital journey, while making sure its primary role is to encourage real-life action and build positive habits.

We make it personal

Personalization is key to everything Betterfly does, so to reflect this deeply customizable offering, the brand feels personal and relatable in the way it looks and talks. It acknowledges that wellbeing means different things for different people with messaging that comforts as well as encourages, a graphic system that reflects human energy, and an avatar that captivates while leading by example.

Through each step of a gamified journey, users collect tokens and rewards visualized as vibrant in-app currencies. With these, they can keep track of their progress and perks, see how well they’re protected, how much they can contribute to causes they care about, and how big of an impact they’ve already had in the world.

We created a collection of charismatic illustrations representing ten wellbeing pillars which cover themes like nutrition, gratitude, finance, relationships, dreams, and education, among others. These help educate users on the different ways they can take care of themselves, but also appear on the journey landscape as a record of their achievements.

Meet your guide, Buddy

To facilitate the journey and further elevate the user experience, we created Buddy: an avatar that offers guidance and encouragement to users through every step of the way. Protected by an adaptable energy bubble that draws from the core brand’s graphic behaviors, Buddy is the face of the Betterfly digital experience.

Buddy was designed to not only react and empathize with users, but also to inspire positive actions and lead by example.

Naturally integrated into the mobile journey, Buddy plays a key role in creating a visual connection between the app experience and the larger brand identity ecosystem.

The Betterfly Effect

In a nutshell, Betterfly’s purpose can be articulated as “turning habits into waves of positive change;” this is what we call The Betterfly Effect. Small actions create a big impact. After crafting this line that now sits at the core of their business, we used it to guide all that we’ve built across strategy, messaging, visual identity, mobile narrative, and visual content for their product.

With a refreshed brand that is now much more aligned with their personality and vision, Betterfly continues to innovate the insurance, benefits, and wellbeing space with more energy and charisma than ever.

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