Lub d

Shaking up Southeast Asian travel experiences

Clarified Lub d’s role in the market following rapid growth
Repositioned the brand and guest experience around ‘Go Brave’ to reflect their playful ambition to shake up travel experiences
Built an identity system inspired by the region’s colourful and vibrant signage


Lub d is a chain of affordable hostels in Southeast Asia. Following a period of rapid growth and the boom of “social hotels” Lub d was left unsure of its role in the market. They weren’t quite a party hostel, nor a modern social hotel. Their properties varied in design and quality across locations, and organised tours were becoming a larger part of the offering. As a result, Lub d was struggling to make their case to inbound travellers.

They needed to reposition their business, brand and guest experience as they continue to scale across the world’s most exciting travel region.


In order to reimagine Lub d we had to understand what makes them unique. We got started in true DesignStudio style, getting out into the markets, diving deep into the hostel experience, staying at each of their locations, taking tours, getting off the beaten path, meeting locals, hosts and guests. All to build a holistic picture of stakeholder experiences from every perspective and understand the brand in its true context.

Brand strategy

From Koh Samui to Siem Reap, Bangkok to Manila, we uncovered what made Lub d unlike any other hostel in the region; they excel at facilitating firsts. Whether it’s your first time petting a pig on the beach, watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat or sharing a room with strangers; Lub d know how to nudge guests out of their comfort zone.

We captured their ambition to shake up travel with a playful and provocative brand strategy 'Go Brave.' Under this banner we transformed the brand into one which challenged travellers to try new things and leave with the unforgettable stories they came to create.

Brand Identity

Inspired by the region’s colourful and vibrant signage, the identity system helps guests choose bolder and braver options and create more rewarding experiences.

A custom typeface ‘Pad Type’ brings together design traits of regional character sets to create a quirky and playful language. With three weights; mild, medium and hot used interchangeably across the brand to bring the brand’s voice to life.

Illustrations and the brand system evoke local signage of a densely packed Bangkok street or a Philippine night market. An energetic and playful brand which says ‘this way to something new.’

Working closely with the local teams in each property, we helped bring the brand to life on site, from staff merchandise and host kits for tours to helping the team curate and design distinct experiences to support and expand the proposition.

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