Riot Games Korea

A new beginning for the origin of esports

Rebranded Riot Games’ Korean league, LCK
Helped forge a new era for the league, telling a richer story beyond performance
Crafted a holistic brand world designed to inspire awe


LCK. Riot’s Korean league, and the origin of esports.

It’s got a colossal history; from the birth of internet cafe gaming culture, to being known worldwide for League of Legend’s best players, most international wins, and the most precise, highest levels of gameplay. They’ve always been humble perfectionists; one step ahead, setting (and raising) the standard for global esports and achieving incredible feats on the world stage.

But they were stuck — held back by their gloried past. LCK came to us to help forge a new era for the league, and to tell a richer story beyond performance.


We got fully immersed in their world, talking to shoutcasters, diehard fans, and legendary pro players (including Faker himself). We also spoke to global Riot teams to get a fully-rounded perspective on the league. This went alongside a dive into the contemporary Korean culture shaping the LCK.

We were blown away by the quality, high production value, and intense creativity surrounding the Korean league. And while the LCK were brilliant at promoting their successes, we knew we needed to help them tell a richer story. A story that went deeper than performance, and would stand the test of time through both victories and defeats.

Brand Strategy

With a history as monumental as LCK’s, it was only right we defined ‘We Make Legends’: putting storytelling at the heart of the league. It inspires them to not only celebrate their legendary players, but legendary stories — of victory, defeat and every epic moment in between.

This was supported by an underlying attitude of ‘Godlike’: a nod to the game for those who know, but also a spirit that positions LCK on a tier above. They’re both mastermind and gracious host, setting the standard for gameplay, conduct, and incredible feats.

Brand expression

The new logo is a confident evolution. A powerful symbol that soars above other leagues, it builds on LCK’s heritage – and is inspired by their highly precise gameplay.

The entire visual system is designed to create a sense of awe, atmosphere and anticipation. Monolithic columns weave stories of past and future, in Hangul and English. Elements are minimal, manifesting the confidence of a legendary icon that doesn’t need to shout.

The broadcast experience uses scale and depth to cut through the noise of esports, existing in an ethereal realm above the rest. To celebrate the most epic, unbelievable moments of all, a stylised Nexus crystal explodes across the screen.

This new brand has helped position the LCK for new partnerships, new teams, and new training opportunities as they continue to regain their confidence as the world leader.

The LCK went on to win the World Championship in 2020, again in 2022, and are set to host the World Championship in 2023. These victories were the cherry on the top to their epic brand launch, but with or without this legendary comeback story, LCK is ready for a new era.

“We knew LCK needed to be equipped with the brand power to well match our league’s status and grow to draw attention not only from Korea, but also internationally. DesignStudio has been a great advisor and partner in getting us a step closer to this ambition. Due to COVID-19, we were unable to meet in real life, but we could feel their passion and dedication at every moment through the screen. It was an honour for us to make legends with DesignStudio.”

Sean Oh
Head of KR Esports, Riot Games

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