Riot Games Latin America

Uniting Latin America’s passion for esports

Created a brand to unite Riot Games’ Latin American leagues
Captured the passion and  attitude of the community with a single spirit: “Show Yourself”
Designed a DIY identity to put the league into the hands of the fans


Following our work with LEC (Europe's professional League), we partnered with Riot Games to relaunch their Latin American esports league; the LLA.

Two rival North and South Latin American leagues had recently been merged, without much input from either community. Fans felt like some of their spirit had been lost along the way, and the new brand didn’t capture their region. Our challenge was to reinvigorate the LLA with new energy, and give the world a reason to watch a Tier 2 league.


We spent three weeks travelling around Latin America with LLA’s core team, speaking to fans and internal teams. One thing shone through: the League’s passion and spicy attitude.

We knew it needed to be celebrated and harnessed into an identity that represented underdog spirit and fierce resilience – something everyone could be proud of.

Brand Strategy

We united the League with one attitude: ‘Show Yourself’. It’s about proving yourself to the world and never holding back, leading to a fiery, outspoken graphic language.

Brand Expression

To express this new core positioning we crafted a bold new logo with a DIY spirit which puts the League back into the hands of the fans, along with a corresponding custom tape type. This new raw look and feel encourages LLA to infuse its fiery spirit – 'Fuego' – into all communications.

When ‘Fuego’ is paired with a second, more authoritative new type, ‘Hielo’, the stylistic juxtaposition lets LLA communicate facts while injecting messages with a sense of irreverent humour.

“The rebrand of the Liga Latinoamerica was not only an exceptional example of DesignStudio's strategic and creative prowess but a testimony of their ability to stretch beyond their comfort zone. The esports world is not easy to understand for outsiders, and even more when mixed with Latin American culture, but DesignStudio tackled this challenge with unparalleled passion and method. As a result, together we came up with a unique and bold brand, one that truly embodies the competitive experience Riot plans to deliver to the fans for years to come.”

Andrés Cerro
Brand Manager, Riot Games LATAM

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