The Other House

Creating the World’s First Residents Club

Disrupted the category with a new approach: the luxury of long-stay living
Created a new name to reflect the unique Residents Club proposition
Defined the full brand experience with a four-step strategy to ‘living like a resident’


The Other House is the first ever Residents Club: a new opportunity in the world of hospitality. Combining the best elements of a hotel and a members’ club, it has the warmth and comfort of home, but with all the high-end luxury of a hotel.


During our immersion, we really got to know The Other House team and the worlds of hospitality and luxury. Given the pandemic dramatically altered the hospitality industry, we knew that breaks needed to feel different, new and meaningful. We also explored the shift in modern luxury away from traditional ideas of excessive offerings, and being waited on hand and foot.

New branding for The Other House Residents Club
Some assets and decor with The Other House's new branding

Brand strategy

We differentiated The Other House from its competitors by championing a whole new type of luxury – the luxury of long-stay living. One that lets you kick off your shoes, put your feet on the sofa and get truly comfortable.

Our close relationship with The Other House team shaped the way we worked. We ran a series of unique workshops and processes that produced rich insights. These insights led to the name and four-step strategy to living like a resident: Make it home; Give control; Create a lasting impression; Build it better. These core principles inspire every company decision, internally and externally, and formed the foundation of the brand identity.

Ads for The Other House with new branding by DesignStudio
Assets from The Other House (left: app. right: coffee mug)

Brand expression

To match the brand’s unique Residents Club offering, the visual identity needed to feel fresh yet familiar, accompanied by a seamless digital experience. Bold, confident typography is combined with homely, intimate photography. Modern iconography includes a classic flourish, mixing tradition and unconventionality.

New typography and iconography for The Other House
Assets for The Other House new branding

Mariana Rodrigues' illustrations were key to our visual approach. Her commissioned set of drawings were inspired by historical wallpapers. We brought to life with a subtle motion that adds a fresh sense of intrigue.

Illustration for The Other House, key for their new branding

We created a tone of voice that is both personable and respectful, helping to inspire rich conversations with residents. A specially-written messaging matrix ensures the language supports The Other House team across all needs and touch points, from long-form PR articles to menus and mailers.

Visual assets for The Other House
Other House wash and scrub products with new brand visuals
Body mist product with new The Other House branding
More products where the new branding is clearly visible
Images like a dinner table or bedroom with the new approach
Illustration for The Other House new branding

The digital experience ties these elements together. An integrated app allows residents to unlock their door, reserve tables, order food, and adjust room lighting and temperature, as well as read articles about local events and restaurants – all in the palm of their hand.


The Other House reflects a world moving towards comfort and convenience over opulence, allowing the movers and shakers of today to relax on their journey, every step of the way. It’s a brand that gives people who know where they want to be, exactly what they want before they get there.

Special thanks


Naomi Heaton

Hugh Best


Vinay Mistry

Jordan Sheldrick Devine

Magali Johnson

Sam Smith

Tor Ronald

Joe Hewitt

Sinead Kirby

Emily Ryder