Born for the USA

For many businesses, the U.S. offers huge growth potential. From start-ups looking to shift their focus, to more established businesses looking to expand into new markets, we’ve helped a range of different brands position themselves to connect with new audiences across the United States.


Shifting focus to capture the U.S. market

‘‘DesignStudio helped distill our product offering and then bridge the gap between our current and aspirational state — working closely with our teams in Miami and Santiago to help evolve our brand and product experience for the future.’’

Lucia Varela
CMO, Betterfly

After successful growth in South America, personalized protection platform Betterfly, wanted to shift its focus to capture the attention of the U.S. market. In addition to shifting the center of the brand to focus more on the positive cyclical impact of its product offering, we helped create a new messaging system that articulated its offerings in a relevant way, with emphasis on the tangible benefits of the platform to small and medium sized businesses.

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betterfly immersion x designstudio


Building a flexible platform for global M&A

“DesignStudio's work on our rebrand has transformed Habyt. They helped us define our core values and create a unified brand vision. This clarity has energized our team globally and streamlined our growth."

Luca Bovone
CEO, Haybt

When you’re growing through M&A, your brand can be a powerful lever in helping bring together teams around a singular vision. After entering the U.S. through a major acquisition, Habyt needed a unified proposition and design system to propel its next stage of growth. The result? ‘Your next move, unlocked’.

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Rebranding to capitalize on transatlantic success

Despite its initial focus on Europe and being headquartered out of London, by 2018 Depop had identified its growth audience in the U.S. skyrocketing to the 10th most visited shopping website among Gen Z. To capitalize, we helped them rebrand with a verbal-centric identity straight from the community itself, launching with pop-ups in NYC and LA.

‘‘I think DesignStudio set the business on the right path, and then Depop itself has obviously had a cultural and creative impact.”

Peter Semple
Chief Marketing Officer, Depop

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