Championing Fans

While it’s true that the best brands are built from the inside-out, the brands that permeate culture — those that live within the zeitgeist are fueled by the intense passion of their audiences — and are built and evolve with their participation. Through our intensive, on-site immersions and ongoing fan and players panels, we craft and document each stage in the process to ensure maximum participation from kick-off to launch.

Whether helping traditional sports leagues step out of their own shadow, or establishing a whole new design language around an emerging esports culture, we're extremely proud of our track record in helping franchises build and grow new audiences while staying true to what made them special in the first place.

Premier League

Building a brand for the people beyond the pitch

“We are very pleased with the outcome: a visual identity which is relevant, modern and flexible that will help us celebrate everyone that makes the Premier League.”

Richard Masters
Managing Director, Premier League

In no case was it more crucial to create a brand that reflects, embraces and celebrates its fans than when working with the Premier League, arguably the world’s top professional football league.

Historically, the league was about what was happening on the pitch but, by putting ourselves in the fans’ shoes to find out what makes the Premier League truly special, we transformed the brand to be about the people who make the Premier League what it is.

Our creative proposition, ‘We All Make It’ turns the camera from the pitch to those surrounding it, unlocking the story beyond match day to celebrate the rich tapestry of people who love Premier League football.

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“The Premier League’s previous identity felt like it still had one foot (or paw) in the tradition of heraldic sporting imagery. The new look represents a clean break from such iconography and in comparison to its European competitors, is clean, modern and distinctive.”

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Riot Games

Rallying communities for esports

“It’s hard to put into words how awesome it was to work with DesignStudio on this project - this brand is the result of what a meaningful collaboration looks like, and consequently helped us shape the future of our sport.”

Joe Peccia
Senior Brand Manager, Riot Games

As part of a long term, ongoing relationship, we’ve worked with Riot Games to create brands for 5 of the League of Legends leagues around the world. For each, the goal has been to create unique brands that reflect each of their own impassioned communities.

Crucial to our work has been deep immersion into each grassroots community to create a strategic proposition that reflects community truths and addresses cultural nuances. By putting the fans front and centre, we’ve given each League an attitude and immediacy inspired by the community and personalities at its heart.

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“Riot has achieved its goal of radically updating the European league's image. One that is aware of traditional sports branding but takes strides to embrace everything that's so unique and attractive about esports.”

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Women in Rugby

Connecting with new and existing fans

We worked with World Rugby to create a global campaign for Women’s Rugby to push it into the mainstream by inspiring new audiences to get involved and ultimately, ensure future growth and participation in the game.

Working with the community and fans, we built Team Powered, a campaign centred on inclusivity that celebrates the differences of each team member that make the team great.

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“Women’s rugby has received an “energetic” rebrand with a new campaign from DesignStudio, which aims to build on its momentum as one of the fastest growing sports and help the game break into the mainstream.”

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