The Naming Game

Our approach to naming mirrors that of our other strategic and creative processes. We adopt a deeply collaborative approach to develop something that is bespoke to the needs of the business and the markets they operate in, working to remove personal subjectivity and align all departments around shared criteria for successful naming.

Whether the task at hand is renaming a company that has evolved beyond its initial offer, or creating an entirely new name for an emerging category, our methods remain steadfast. At each stage of the process we’re asking - “Is it distinct? Is it memorable? Is it defendable?”.


Simplify to stand out

Having outgrown its origins as a newsletter for family and friends, to become a major player in the international travel sphere, Scott’s Cheap Flights was a moniker that no longer matched the brand’s ambitions.

Working with Scott and his executive team, we arrived at a more emotive and evocative name to help the business stand out in a packed space. Direct and intentional, the new name Going captures the excitement and anticipation that accompanies travel, with an aspiration edge rarely seen in the sector.

“DesignStudio was the perfect partner leading us through a highly collaborative, iterative, creative, and thorough process where they acted as an extension of the Scott’s Cheap Flights team. We couldn’t be happier with the final results.”

Derek Cann
VP Marketing, Going

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The Other House

A new way of doing things

Combining the best elements of a hotel and a members club, The Other House offered a genuinely unique proposition - the world’s first Residents Club. 

This utterly new offer was in need of a fitting name. Through our partnership with the leadership team, we delivered a name which celebrates both the liberating freedom of feeling truly at home, and the exciting possibilities of finding new and improved ways to bring people together.

See The Other House Case Study

"The Other House treads new ground in the luxury hospitality sector by making visitors feel like they own the space they're living in for as long as they choose to stay. The name of the brand sums up this angle with deceptive simplicity. While you're away from your usual home, visit the next best thing, your other house, if you will."

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Uniting multiple brands with one voice

“You took a kernel of a good idea and were able to keep growing, developing and expanding it into something incredible.”

Chris Wood
CCO, Treatwell

Treatwell came to DesignStudio with the need for a new name as a result of the rapid growth they had been through. Previously known as Wahanda, the business was composed of five different brands operating in ten countries; there was an urgent need for unification and a shared vision. 

Side by side with the Treatwell team, we developed a strategic vision to bring all of their businesses across Europe together under a new name. This name formed the bedrock of a new visual identity which moves past the prescriptive aesthetics of the beauty industry to champion confidence and individuality.

See Treatwell case study

“[The new brand] changes how beauty is perceived. The rebrand looks to celebrate self-expression and individuality, of both the salons and the customers who use the service.”

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