Crafting New Chapters

We believe our best work emerges from deep collaboration with executive teams, realising a new leader’s ambitions and vision for the future of the business. In these instances, the brand is often a facet within a wider transformation, and is used as a key tool in galvanising employees, partners, customers and investors around a new, shared vision.

Our high-touch process helps to ensure we create the right narratives and impactful socialisation tools to equip leadership teams with, empowering them to drive the change they hope to see in their organisations, their industries and the world.

Since our founding in 2009, we’ve played a significant role in brand transformations, supporting leaders chart their course towards new horizons.

Penguin Random House

Creating cultural unification with a new mission

Penguin and Random House came to us seven years after they merged, struggling to resolve their internal cultural unification. Working closely alongside CEO Tom Weldon, we engaged over 90% of the business across six months to deeply understand different voices and perspectives. The result was a powerful new mission and set of guiding principles to align all departments behind a shared spirit. Bringing this to life, we created a launch film and series of activations including onboarding workshop toolkits and leadership presentation for every member of staff.

We said at the outset, this is not just a branding and marketing exercise. If it is, then we will have failed. But if our Mission is meaningful and committed to, then it will become the guidepost for decision making – and our moral compass.”

Tom Weldon
CEO, Penguin Random House UK

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Shifting to a design and people-centric approach

“Design is at the heart of everything we do moving forward. It’s the force driving the company. Now our brand truly reflects the ambition of the company.”

Alastair Curtis
Chief Design Officer, Logitech

Logitech came to DesignStudio to support them with the biggest transformation in their history. Together with CEO Bracken Darrell and his team, we helped Logitech evolve from a technology company into a brand with design thinking at its heart. The new name ‘‘Logi’ and new logo were just components of a bold rebrand that fundamentally shifted how people understood the brand. In the five years following our partnership, they experienced 500% growth and were named as one of Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Design.

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Recharging an industry leader to support M&A growth

“This is a watershed moment for us. [Our new brand] doesn’t just write a new chapter, but a whole new playbook. This new playbook reimagines what work feels like—for our customers and ourselves.”

Christa Quarles
CEO, Alludo

Our work with Corel - the umbrella brand of Parallels, CorelDRAW, MindManager and WinZip - focused on their mission to reimage the future of work. Collaborating with CEO Christa Quarles, we unified their portfolio under a new brand - Alludo. Driven by the purpose to empower “all you do”, the Alludo brand is an emblem of what it means to create, ideate and share information anywhere, at any time and on any device, acting as dynamic vehicle for ongoing M&A growth.

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“...this feels very right for a company trying to position itself almost as a new challenger brand, even though it has more than 35 years of history and experience[...] It’s interesting and innovative without conforming to any recent trends and should help Alludo establish itself as a different kind of software company.”

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