Branding Unicorns

We have been fortunate to partner with a number of brands that have achieved elusive Unicorn status. Despite being very different businesses at various stages of the growth journey, their unifying factor has been the passionate and driven Founders at their helm, all of whom have taken their companies from simple idea to
multi-billion dollar valuation.

However, with an early focus on speed of growth and core product development, brand has often been a secondary priority. Whilst this is understandable – you can’t create a great brand for a bad product – in many cases, the meaning of the company and what it stands for has been neglected or lost. In others, the original proposition has evolved. They may have pivoted as they’ve grown or learnt more about who they are and what their communities want.

Through our extensive experience, we have worked in close collaboration with those Founders, uncovering what drives them and their ultimate goals to build incredible brands that take their businesses to the next level.


Defining a rapidly growing brand

Airbnb’s rapid growth left them needing a brand that defined who they are for themselves and their community. We created the brand strategy ‘Belong Anywhere’ that gave them the anchor for who they truly were and brought it to life across every aspect of the brand experience, from identity and communication to environments and CSR. Even a decade after we first worked together, the greater purpose of ‘belonging’ continues to give CEO, Brian Chesky, a platform to drive his mission and connect his community.

You guys had got so deep into the work – you literally unlocked and inspired us about what was possible.”

Brian Chesky
Airbnb, CEO and Co-Founder

New Airbnb logo

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Airbnb is about belonging anywhere. The brand shouldn’t say we’re about community, or our international [reach], or renting homes – it’s about belonging.

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Supporting global expansion

“When I saw what you guys created, I was really blown away. It truly represents us and it’s so different from what others are doing.”

Will Shu
CEO and Founder, Deliveroo

Deliveroo is a great example of a company moving at speed. We worked with them to deliver a brand strategy and identity to help differentiate them from increasing competition.

With ambitious and rapid global expansion plans, they needed the marketing tools to deploy globally so local markets could move at speed, whilst maintaining brand consistency around the world.

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"DesignStudio has created a symbol that can be recognised as a character, the Roo, irrespective of what language you speak, while the minimalist aesthetic reduces established cultural associations. This is a mark that Deliveroo will imbue with meaning over the next few years."

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Securing the next round of funding

GetYourGuide came to us before they gained Unicorn status. They needed a brand to help them cut through a busy emerging market place. We worked with CEO, Johannes Reck, to understand how the value of brand could impact his business beyond just a marketing tool. By defining a unique brand strategy and designing a robust brand identity, we created a clear brand to help them secure more funding and ultimately, become a fully fledged Unicorn.

DesignStudio helped us evolve from a transaction-oriented start-up into the globally leading brand for travel experiences. Their work has had a meaningful impact on millions of travellers around the world.”

Johannes Reck
CEO and Co-Founder, GetYourGuide

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