Spotlighting individuality to refresh beauty and wellness

Created a new brand to support Fresha's next phase of growth
Introduced the creative idea 'Elevate Individual'
Crafted a visual identity that connects the world of beauty and wellness


Established in 2015, Fresha has become the world’s leading booking platform and marketplace for businesses and consumers within the beauty and wellness industry.

With more projected growth on the horizon, they needed a brand which would mirror their ambition to connect and unite the worldwide beauty and wellness industry.

Brand Strategy

Fresha is an innovator in the beauty and wellness industry, moving beyond a focus on traditional cosmetic treatments to encompass everything from holistic therapies and counselling to tattoos and piercing. This is coupled with disruptive technology that enables consumers to access services that tap into their personal wellness, and empowers industry professionals to build, run and grow their businesses. Therefore, the brand strategy centres on the idea of Elevate Individual, which sits at the heart of the Fresha experience. The brand raises-up and empowers everyone using the platform – be that consumers, business owners or employees.

Visual identity

The brand strategy drove our creative concept which is based on spotlights; shining a light on yourself, and celebrating how you look and how you feel. It embodies the creativity at the heart of the beauty and wellness industry and extends across the full system, on physical and digital platforms.

The logo – consisting of an emotive symbol and a powerful wordmark – is inspired by the very nature of a shining spotlight. This is set against a vibrant, punchy and versatile colour spectrum that allows for the level of expression to be dialled up or down.

The typography visually represents the Fresha voice. The elegant headline font, Tartuffo, is complemented by Roobert, a more functional display typeface for clear and direct messaging. This represents both the creative side of Fresha as well as its functionality and reliability as a tech platform.

Tone of voice

A crucial part of the experience, Fresha’s tone of voice is relatable, inclusive and confident whilst remaining playful and lighthearted. As Fresha is connecting with both consumers and industry professionals, the tone of voice flexes depending on the audience, but the voice remains the same.

Creating the Fresha brand has been an honour and we thank our clients: Steve, Nick, Nina and Sophie. We are excited to see Fresha shine spotlights all over the globe as it continues to grow

Special thanks


William Zeqiri

Nick Miller

Marcin Dąbrowski


Julien Queyrane

Sam Smith

Sinead Kirby

Matt Cox

Joni Kirton

Bianca Kehoe

Paddy Blake

Magali Johnson