Making (Sound) Waves

The most impactful brands are designed to delight all of the senses. Specific sounds bring out certain emotions within us, but the power of audio can be overlooked when it comes to designing brand experiences, the focus typically on the visual identity.

Brands which consider the full spectrum of the sensory experience create powerful connections, the sonic identity often becoming as iconic as a logo or a tagline. Believing in the strength of sound to forge more emotive bonds with audiences, we partner with creative music and sound design studios to craft sonic experiences which become core to brands.

Center Parcs Europe

Tuning into the natural world

Reinventing, modernising and expanding, we partnered with Center Parcs Europe to reimage the full brand experience.

Having developed a new strategy, ‘Human Nature’, we worked with father to craft a sonic identity to express this. The audio experience enhances the grounding and inspiring tone of the new brand. It works seamlessly with the new logo, while being a recognisable brand asset alone, instantly transporting audiences into the Center Parcs world.

See Center Parcs Europe Case Study


Amplifying brand purpose through sound

Having worked with Telenor on a holistic rebrand across their global markets, now came a significant opportunity to create a sonic signature which reflected the new brand purpose, ‘Connecting you to what matters most’.

Partnering with amp we designed an uplifting, warm and inviting mnemonic that works in harmony with the new logo, providing variations to flex for all types of communication and tonalities.

Extending this into the brand music, we composed a track which carries these feelings further, one with intrinsic lively and familiar tones.

See Telenor Case study


A digital experience that speaks volumes

Healthcare innovators Treated (a singular purchase site) and EveAdam (a subscription based service) came to us with big ambitions and plans to rapidly expand.

We supported the merging of these two services, creating a strong and singular brand which could be people’s true partner in health. Having defined the brand proposition of ‘Chose Better’, together with father we crafted a full sonic library to elevate Treated’s unique digital experience.

The suite of sonic components created was inspired by casual and conversational voice inflections, bringing reassurance and confidence to the delicate, and at times concerning, area of personal health.


Sonic that travels the distance

As part of our rebrand of Eurostar, we collaborated with Zelig Sound to develop new sonic branding, designed to create branded moments and recognition in stations, on TVCs and beyond.

The sonic brand and visual identity needed to make a bold leap to help the brand achieve its growth objectives and better reflect the role it plays in connecting people through train travel.

The Sonic “The Spark” is split into two parts: An abstract spark; the four note piano motif with classical vocal - it feels like we’re being propelled forwards at speed. Ending with a blend of guitar, a lyrical vocal phrase, piano and deep bass.

"The intention was for it to feel European but of no particular country. Fast, light, a hint of luxury but approachable. Functioning as an ear catching branding device but also an essential announcement cue."

Zelig Sound

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