Defining New Luxury

Luxury, it used to be one tone -  extravagance, rarity, high quality and glamour. It was used to show off personal wealth and success with uber polished visuals and decadent language. But as society has changed, luxury has evolved to be more than grandeur and quality, but self confidence and comfort

Luxury today is the balance between craft and self expression. A clarity of thought that expresses the lifestyle that people want to live and a state of mind that gives consumers ultimate comfort. At DesignStudio, we’ve proudly embraced this shift to create brands that truly embody the spirit of new luxury.


Injecting freshness into residential luxury

A multi-purpose residential and commercial development designed by the renowned Foster & Partners, Hatai takes an innovative approach to urban living in Bangkok. The focus of the development is to create a natural oasis in one of Asia’s least green cities. We took this bold ambition and devised a strategy which embraces a fresh take on residential luxury. Our strategy ‘Escape the ordinary’ embodies the transformative effect nature can have on us. We brought this spirit to life across the full brand experience, including visual, digital, spatial, motion and sonic. Challenging what decadent high-rise life had to mean, Hatai is a vibrant brand, packed with vitality and serenity.


Transforming perceptions around premium self-care

“DesignStudio ... understood our challenge completely and used their creative flair to ensure that we positively change the personal care category from unobtainable beauty standards to honest and relatable self care routines.”

Amaya Albisu
Head of Marketing Communications Group

Panasonic were well-known for their premium electronics, but their personal care offer was less recognised. Traditionally personal care brands were function focused, but understanding how potent self-confidence and comfort were within new luxury, we created an inviting brand inspired by authenticity and honesty. 

Perfectly in-tune with Panasonic’s strategic vision 'Invested in you', the new Panasonic Self Care brand encourages consumers to invest in themselves to find their true essence. The elegant visual identity balances craft with expression, and shifts perceptions around the Panasonic offer while redefining the notion of premium self-care.

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The Other House

Bringing home comforts to the five star experience

Identifying modern luxury’s shift away from conventional ideas of excess and grandeur, we created a brand for a totally new concept within hospitality - the world’s first residents club.

We chose to champion the ‘otherness’ of The Other House, blending plush luxury with the warmth of home. We positioned The Other House away from the staid and stiff of traditional high-end hotels, instead encouraging residents to kick off their shoes and sink into comfort.

This is a whole different category of luxury, one which puts comfort and convenience above opulence, and challenges notions of what luxury is about and who it’s for.

“We appointed DesignStudio after a significant selection process and worked hand-in-hand to articulate and visualise our clear vision for this new category within the market. The result is something we are incredibly proud of; reimagining how people stay for a new generation of conscious travellers.”

Naomi Heaton
CEO and Co-Founder, The Other House

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