Creating Character(s)

Some of the most iconic brands in the world are not primarily associated with their logos, but rather with their endearing mascots. These characters serve as the embodiment of a brand's personality and values, providing an opportunity to showcase their playful and relatable side.

Although not relevant for every brand, we’ve created a range of characters for brands across sectors. For some, they’ve helped convey warmth and brought empathy to difficult conversations or sterile categories like healthcare. For others, they’ve helped celebrate with brand communities during moments of joy to create memorable experiences. From a practical perspective, we’ve also created characters to become helpful guides for brands, providing their consumers with valuable information and guidance.


Humanising the healthcare experience

“After several months of hard work and teamwork we are really proud of the identity DesignStudio helped us create. The new alan is warm, friendly and really embodies our core values.”

Jean-Charles Samuelian
CEO and Co-Founder, alan

alan is a French Unicorn making radical changes to health insurance by connecting users to medical professionals with their fully digital system. Operating in stark contrast to the clinical world of health insurance, alan uses empathy to develop its product and support its customers. 

To visualise this human-centred design, we created a warm, fuzzy graphic language with the alan character at its heart. Soft and friendly, our symbol is the face of alan; translating into textures, animations and illustrations across the user experience – even a custom emoji series for chat and social. It’s the hug we all need on a sick day.

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“The character – a bear-like creature also called alan – stars in a series of conversational digital assets designed to help the startup connect with consumers. Her face also peeks out from the startup’s logo, which winks when animated.”

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Inviting all gamers in

Working with Chinese developer XD, we built the mobile gaming community platform TapTap. Aiming to challenge the world of gaming which had become serious and inaccessible, TapTap centres on the inclusive and welcoming idea ‘Gamers In’.

The brand amplifies the unabashed optimism of ‘Gamers In’ with a lovable character mascot, Tato. They sit squarely at the front of the brand, adding personality and playfulness at every turn. We built a system of different emotions, reactions and interactions for Tato and customisation for the community to make Tato theirs.

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Characters to cut-through the clutter

“The DesignStudio team have created a powerful new visual identity that has really moved the Nectar brand forward.”

Gill Wright,
Brand and Planning Director at Nectar

Characters don’t always have to embody a mascot with human or animal features. Working with Nectar to create a new visual identity for the largest loyalty scheme in the UK, we characterised the brand’s distinctive droplet. Using motion, we morphed the droplet into a range of different shapes including splashes, tide lines and a bouncing ball. Adding a touch of cheeky personality, the droplet character provides greater cut through in the cluttered e-commerce landscape and in brand-filled supermarkets.

See Nectar case study

“The new brand brings to life, turns heads and brings a distinctive confidence back to one of the most household brands in Britain”

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